Thursday, August 13, 2009

Itawamba Cousins Returned from War

These three young Itawambians were recently returned from military service during World War II when this photograph was snapped. Pictured left to right: Donnis Johnson, Ceburn Thornton and Ray Thornton. These men were cousins, all grandsons of John T. Thornton and Bettie Griffin. Donnis Johnson was the son of Nora Thornton Johnson and her husband Fisher. Ceburn was the son of Thomas Thornton and Maybelle Franks while Ray was the son of Ira G. Thornton and Narcie C. Franks. Ceburn and Ray were actually double first cousins because their mothers were sisters.

Donnis G. Johnson served in the U. S. Army as a Technician 5th Class, the highest grade for the rank of technician. A T/5 soldier was properly addressed as corporal. Raythel Lewis Thornton enlisted in September 1942 in the U. S. Army for the duration of the war. Ceburn O. Thornton enlisted in the Air Corps of the regular Army in December 1945. His enlistment record indicates that he was assigned to the Hawaiian Department.

Donnis's daughter, Glenda, provided me with this photograph of the cousins. Thank you, Glenda!