Sunday, August 23, 2009

Valentine & Savannah Dulaney

Itawamba County News
March 24, 1921
Burntfields News
Mr. Valentine Dulaney intends to plant corn next week. Also, Mr. Frank Graham’s boys and Mr. Vanhoozer. Mr. Vanhoozer rolled logs last week and only just made a beginning on his logs. He has some logs.

Itawamba County News
March 8, 1923
Burntfields News
Mr. Volentine Dulaney has made a new garden and lot fence. He is Mr. Dulaney up here.
Working in the timber business is all the go these days. The go-up in lumber is getting a move on the mill men. I don’t know what this county will do when all the timber is gone. It will be a lonesome time when there are no mills a-blowing, whips a-popping and driver’s calling to their teams.

Fulton News Beacon
Thursday, February 1, 1940

Volentine Dulaney, age 65, passed away suddenly of a heart attack at his home nine miles northeast of Fulton Tuesday night. Mr. Dulaney was well known over the county having spent his entire life in the Fairview community where he owned and operated his farm.

* * *

Valentine Dulaney was the son of Alfred "Babe" Dulaney and Lucinda Alabama "Allie" Chilcoat. He was born February 15, 1870 and died January 31, 1940. His wife, Savannah Roberts, was born January 15, 1870 and died October 11, 1943. Their grandson, Paul Dulaney, provided this photograph of his grandparents to Cousin Don Dulaney recently. Thanks for sharing!

Don't forget - the Dulaney family reunion is fast approaching. It will be held at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church on Saturday, August 29. Bring a covered dish and join us there!

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