Sunday, August 9, 2009

Senter brothers

Willie Bryan Senter, left, and James Junior Senter, right, were the youngest children of James Robert "Jim" Senter and Alberta Chilcoat. Other children of the couple were Opal, Glader, Cecil, Glen, Ruth and Vela. The young child in the photograph has been identified as Madie, probably Madie Green, the boys' cousin who was the daughter of Glader Senter Green.

Jim and Berta lived up the North Road. Jim's father was T. A. Senter, long-time Chancery Clerk for Itawamba County, and his mother was Susan Rebecca "Becky" Woodard. Berta's parents were Benjamin Patton Chilcoat and Nancy Beasley.

Thanks to Alan and Jeannette Dulaney for providing this photo to Don Dulaney.

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