Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thomas Aron Dulaney - a correction

You've seen this face looking out at you from this blog recently, and if you missed it, you can read about the buggy wreck here. I need to make a correction, however. Thomas A. Dulaney's middle name was not Alfred. My mistake was in copying other researchers' work and not verifying his full name. In census, newspaper and land records, there was only a middle initial of "A" to be found. The assumption was that the "A" stood for Alfred, so named for Alfred Dulaney and Alfred Senter. But actually, Thomas's middle name was Aron according to his death certificate. I had sent off for his death certificate back in the spring and had received it but not updated my records. The death certificate indicates that Tom died of carcinoma of the glans penis, a fairly rare form of cancer. He was 85 years old when he died on December 12, 1941. Dr. W. L. Orr signed the certificate. Interestingly, Bunt Tom's grandson Lawrence Orr Dulaney was named after Dr. Orr.

So there. As Don Dulaney would say.


Don Dulaney said...

So there! Your persistance on the facts never cease to amaze me. I will have to admit I was disapointed that my GGGrandfather was not named after grandfather Alfred Aven Senter or Great Uncle Alfred Dulaney. Or even after his Greatgrandfather Thomas Alfred Dulaney. However it occured to me that "Aron" Had to come from somewhere and you would not rest until you found out where. So I am just gonna sit back and wait for my answer. LOL

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Don, it is pure speculation but Thomas Aron Dulaney could have been named after his father's only brother who died when he was thirteen years old. The brother's name was Thomas, named of course after his grandfather Thomas. Aron may have been his middle name. The only other Aron that I know about is the son of Richard "Dick" Dulaney and Mattie Moxley, and he was probably named for Dick's brother Thomas Aron "Bunt" Dulaney.

Ken Dulaney said...

Incredible. That is the only word that I can use to describe your tenacity on such things Ms. Mona. Great job!