Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bobby and Warnie Hood

Pictured above are Robert Washington "Bobby" Hood and Warnie Dulaney Hood. Warnie was the oldest child of Thomas A. "Bunt" Dulaney and Alice C. Moxley while Bobby was the son of Robert A. Hood and Martha Belinda Moore. Bobby and Warnie were married on March 12, 1905 by his uncle, Rev. Joshua Hood, a well-known Church of Christ minister. They had five children together: Ivy Alice, who married Claude Graham; Horace, who married Beatrice Guntharp; Beval, who married Edith Wilson; Ross, who apparently never married; and Verbal, who was married to Loyd Thomas.

Ona Rea, daughter of Horace and Beatrice Hood, shared the drawing below of the old homeplace of Bobby and Warnie.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know who the artist is? As a mother of an architect and another who is a graphic artist, I would like to critique the painting. From an architectural standpoint, the design is very "true" to dimensions and the lines are not distorted in the depth for the view of the house. There is great detail in the backyard - did you notice the propane tank and the power line pole shows the transformer?

Tell Rea that she truly has a family treasure and it is such a shame that the artist didn't sign their work. I hope she or some family member knows who the artist is and they should honor that person by being sure they get a brass plate engraved to attach to the frame - this tells future generations who painted the picture and you haven't forged a name on the painting. If there is a trophy shop in the area, the little brass plates aren't expensive - Ron has them engraved with an appropriate name to put on his wood sculpting (old timers would call it "whittling"!)- by either name, you end up with a bunch of wood chips on the floor!!

What a find for you to share with us - thanks. bettye