Monday, February 22, 2010

Fulton Grammar School

Yesterday an open house was held for the newly refurbished old Fulton Grammar School, which was closed as a school facility in 1999 when the new Itawamba Attendance Center was built. My son, Penn, was in the class that has distinction of being the last fifth grade class in the old building and the first sixth grade class in the new building. Like many Itawambians, our family can claim three generations who were educated in that grand old school - my father, my husband and my brother (no, I never walked those halls as a student, having moved back to Itawamba during my 8th grade year), and my three of my children.

Ceilings have been raised to their former height, windows reglazed, new bathrooms installed, walls painted, and the original hardwood floors refinished (just imagine how many children's feet have skipped over those boards), plus central heating and cooling installed. The auditorium's curtains were in shreds, but they have been replaced with lovely new curtains (although without the initial F.G.S. that adorned the original ones).

The community really deserves much credit for not only saving the old Grammar School, but restoring it in such a wonderful, impressive way. Many citizens and businesses came together and donated labor, time, and services, but in my humble opinion, it is unlikely that the building would have been saved, or restored to the extent it has been, without the leadership of Sharion Aycock.

There is still more to be done as not all classrooms have been restored, and there is still a wish list of projects, so additional donations would be appreciated. If you get to town, go by and take a look at the old grammar school yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with the restoation of the school. I have only been in one old school that has been restored - it is called Old Bedford School in Bedford, Tx. There is a museum in one of the down stairs rooms. This school is in more simple designs than the Fulton Grammar school. The aisle rug runner appears to pick up the color of the curtain. I'm afraid that the schools in my past have been removed by fire or a wrecking ball. So, maybe your future great grandchildren will be able to see where you went to school. bettye