Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Davis Brothers

Fellow Davis family descendant, Melissa White Harwell, shared this picture of the Davis Brothers with me recently, and I was thrilled to receive it. My great-grandfather, James K. Davis (of the Valentine's Day post) is seated to the far right. Melissa's grandfather is Leon Berg Davis seated to the far left. In the middle seat is brother John Stonewall Davis who became a coal miner and died in Kentucky. Standing behind are brothers Dew Boyd Davis, left, and Jesse McGee Davis, right. These men were sons of James William Anderson Davis and Annaliza Morrow. Now I am on the lookout for a similar group picture of the sisters in this family which would include Anna Luna Davis, who married George W. Myers; Lizzie Lee Davis, who married Lan Spencer; and Hettie Anderson Davis, the baby of the family who married Elva Cleveland Mason.

I would guess that this picture was made just after the turn of the century. Dew was born in 1895, and he looks to be about five or six years old, maybe seven. J. K. Davis was the oldest son in the family, and he was married in November 1903 to my great-grandmother, Queenie Victoria Davis.

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