Friday, February 19, 2010

Tremont Methodist Church

This is a photo that I absolutely LOVE. It was shared with me last month by Basil Earnest, husband of Annie Stone Robinson who died in 2005.

Annie Stone Robinson Earnest and my grandfather, Luke Lee Robinson, were doubly kin, not too unusual for folks in Itawamba County. Annie Stone (this was what she was called, to distinguish her from her mother who was Annie Mae Stone Robinson) was married to Luke's uncle Mautimer D. Robinson. Plus, Annie Stone's grandmother, Pearl Evans, was Luke's aunt. This gives me a double connection to Annie Stone Earnest too.

Back to the picture. The couple is Walter Dow Stone and Alice Marquilla Evans. Alice was a sister to Pearl Evans Stone, the grandmother of Annie Stone Earnest, and also a sister to Thusie Evans Robinson, Luke's mother. I don't know which child the couple is holding, but it could be their oldest son Hugh who became Luke's future brother-in-law (there's another connection for you - Annie Stone's first cousin married the sister of Luke's wife). However, since Hugh was born in 1897, and this picture is probably post-1900, it is most likely a later child of Dow and Alice's in the photograph.

The best part of the picture, to me at least, is what is pictured in the background. Basil told me that the building is the old Tremont Methodist Church. You may remember previous posts of the Johnson family with the old Piney Grove Church in the background. It's kind of like getting two-for-one in an old picture!

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