Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supervisor's Certificate

In 1955, my grandfather Luke Lee Robinson was elected supervisor for the Fifth District of Itawamba County. Nearly one hundred years earlier, his great-grandfather, William M. Evans, served in the 1880s as supervisor for the Fourth District of Itawamba County.

Luke had to defeat incumbent Leon Berg Davis for the post. Uncle Berg was my great-great uncle on my mother's side. I remember my father telling me about his daddy running against the father of one of his close friends, Frank Davis. My father missed the 1955 campaign and election due to being away for military service at the time, but I think the two men - Luke and Berg - had previously competed for the same post. Berg served three terms as supervisor.

Luke published the following thank you ad in the Itawamba County Times:

"To the People of the Fifth District:

From the bottom of an humble heart, I thank you for the splendid vote given me on August 23.

Friends, it will be my aim during the next four years to render you the service such as your vote of confidence merits.

It makes no difference to me how you voted or where you live I want to be the Supervisor for the entire district.

Again, let me say, Thank you Friends."

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