Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Logs to Lumber

In keeping with the log theme, here is Dick Wilemon driving a early vehicle, apparently transporting lumber probably created from a portable sawmill. I believe Dick to be Walter E. Wilemon, son of Thomas J. Wilemon and Netha Jane Dulaney.

The above advertised "half-ton chassis" appeared in the 1931 Fulton News Beacon in an ad for Cowden Chevrolet. The illustration looks similar to vehicle above, although not quite. Perhaps the pictured vehicle is a Ford!


Lori said...

What a wonderful photograph! I love these pictures of family "vehicles". :)

Terry Thornton said...

Mona, I'm enjoying your "log" theme --- the photographs are treasures. Thanks for sharing.

You might get some good out of this old proverb --- the only one I know about logs: "A crooked log makes a straight fire." LOL! There is a lesson somewhere in that but I leave it to others to declaim.

Keep up the log photos -- you are preserving and presenting an interesting part of our hill country heritage.

Terry Thornton
Fulton, MS

Don Dulaney said...

Miss Mona, I love the log series. The one thing that cought my eye was the size of the trees. It is something we do not see alot of today. I believe we once had Parrots in abundance in the county but has since migrated away.I wonder if the cutting of this large timber contributed to that migration.