Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cofield Home Place

In 1980, the ladies of the Shottsville area sold calendars as a fundraising project. For one of the months they used a drawing of the Samuel L. Cofield house. The house still stands today, unoccupied and crumbling, along County Road 157 not far from the entrance road to the Cofield Cemetery.

The home is made of logs that were covered at some time with planks. Mrs. Velma Williams, a close friend of the Cofields, told Sam's great-grandson, Hunter Stone, a story about the time that Sam kept having his milk disappear. The milk was being saved for making butter, and no one could figure out what was causing it to disappear. Finally, a large chicken snake was discovered hiding in the space between the logs of the house where it wasn't fully caulked. When the snake was shot, milk flowed all over the place!

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Cheryl said...


Your blog is fantastic! My son-in-law is descended from John Richard Cofield's youngest daughter. Thanks for sharing.