Friday, December 26, 2008

A Fessie Story

Those of you who enjoyed reading about Fessie's adventures during World War II will also enjoy hearing this Fessie story. You may wonder why Fessie is wearing a wig in the photo. Any what is that naked mannequin doing in the back of his pickup?

Here's the story. The mannequin was brought to Fulton by my father who, with my mother, played a practical joke on Fessie and Beck by placing the mannequin in my brother's bed under the covers. When Fessie and Beck arrived for a visit to their house, where my brother also lived, my parents indignantly told them that my brother had a woman in his bed and led them to the bedroom. It took a while for them to determine that the 'woman' was actually a mannequin, and Fessie had great fun being fooled by it.

Fessie didn't want the fun to end there. He placed the mannequin in his pickup truck, wig on her head, sitting up next to him in the cab. As he drove home to Peaceful Valley, a full twenty minutes away, Fessie got quite a few stares from people along the way. He enjoyed waving to his neighbor, Mr. Jack Johnson, who was astounded at the naked woman in Fessie's truck. After driving past the Johnson house, Fessie proceeded up the road to toot the horn in passing at the homes of Hershel Blake and Herman Blake. The conversation that afternoon in Peaceful Valley was who was going to break the news to Beck about the naked lady.


Bob Franks said...

What a funny story! I can image the stir caused in the community by that practical joke. Please keep the wonderful articles coming Mona.

Mona Robinson Mills said...


Fessie was such a character! There are many Fessie stories circulating, but I'm not sure how many are suitable for posting! I've got a few more that I looking for photos to accompany. Thanks for reading!

Apple said...

Terry sent me and I'm glad he did. This was a great story!

Greta Koehl said...

Oh my gosh, what a funny story. I found this story through Terry's link. Fessie kind of reminds me of my Brinlee uncles - no stunt too crazy.