Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hood Siblings

Left to right, front row: Charley, Alma, Effie and Jeff. Back row: Richard, Dennis, Durrell, Ellie and Eula.

Don't you just love the crossed arms! These siblings were children of Harrison H. Hood and his wife, Lydia Ann Minyard. Another sibling, Riley, died in 1901. Below is what I have on the Hood siblings.

1. Riley, the oldest child, was born August 10, 1882 and died July 21, 1901.
2. Charley Gilbert Hood was born July 25, 1887 and died September 30, 1958. He was married to Bertha L. Funderburk.
3. Alma Etta Hood was born February 28, 1889 and died February 16, 1970. She was married to James Nathan Johnson, and their daughter Pearl was my husband's grandmother.
4. Effie Adder Hood was born August 2, 1892 and died unknown. She was married to Joseph Richard Rogers.
5. Jeff Aaron Hood, twin to Effie, was also born August 2, 1892. He died May 13, 1959 and was married to Lillie Fay Rogers.
6. Richard H. Hood was born October 7, 1894 and died April 16, 1960. He was married to Effie S. Rogers.
7. William Dennis "Den" Hood was born March 21, 1896 and died March 1975. He was married to Lois Moses.
8. Durrel Fred Hood was born December 1899 and died unknown.
9. Ellis H. Hood was born August 10, 1902 and died June 12, 1975. He was married to Dora Verah Randolph.
10. Eula A. Hood was born October 3, 1904 and died August 4, 1994. She was married to Wister Curtis Conwill.

If you noted that three Hood siblings married three Rogers, you have a sharp eye. The Rogers were all siblings and were children of Joseph C. Rogers and Laura Belle Funderburk. Don't quote me on the above dates of birth and death; I may have transcribed them incorrectly or the sources could be wrong. If you have corrections or additions, I would love to have them!

Double points if you noticed that Ellis Hood was married to Dora Verah Randolph, another surname in the Mills ancestry. Dora was Onady Randolph Mills' niece, daughter of Onady's half-brother Jefferson Davis Randolph.

Special thanks to Don Dulaney for providing the photo.

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