Monday, December 29, 2008

Harrison and Lydia Hood with some children

Pictured below are Harrison H. and Lydia Ann Hood with some of their children. The back of the photo had the following names and dates but no identification of exactly who's who in the photo: Charley (1887), Den (1897), Richard (1894), Durell (1899), Ellie (1902), Eula (1904). Being the only girl in the photo, we can safely guess that Eula is standing next to her mother on the front row. Charley, as the oldest living son, is very probably the young man seated to the left of his father. Richard is likely the tall son in the middle rear. Den, or Dennis, is likely the one on the left rear. That leaves Durell and Ellie, the two youngest sons, and I don't know enough to identify which is which. I would guess that the photograph was taken about 1910 or so. Harrison died in 1921, but Lydia lived until 1945.

Thanks to Don Dulaney for sharing the photo and for visiting with Mrs. Jesker Hood Miles to get information on this family. Mrs. Miles' father was Ellie Hood, one of the little boys in the photo.

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