Saturday, December 13, 2008

IAHS Football Team 1950-1951

This photo is as large as I can get it here, but if anyone is interested let me know and I'll e-mail a copy to you. Here is a list of team members with their coach Mitch Grissom (far right):

Front row, front to left: Billy Spigner, 26; David Mattox, 15; James "Peewee" Robinson, 37; Jackie Frost, 31; Jerry Loden, 27; Bobby Armstrong, 38; Edward Holiday, 48; K. F. "Red" Collier, 51; Harold "Humpie" Chatham, 24.

Second row: John Moore, manager; Gayle "Ace" McFerrin, 3; Frank Davis, 1; Louie Yawn, 35; Travis Staub, 16; Billy Wheeler, 21; Cortez Guntharp, 11; Rudolph Franks, 17; John McFerrin, 36; Huey "Hormone" Haynes, 9.

Third row: Billy "Ghost" Gilliland, manager; Oneal Maxcy, 4; David "Sonny" Riley, 5; Frank "Skeeter" Pierce, 23; Stanley Moses, 44; Charlie McCarthy, 10; Clarence Kent, 50; Marlin Shaw, 41; Durrell "Rusty" Wiygul, 7; Jerry Cummings, 42.

For those out of the loop, IAHS stands for Itawamba Agricultural High School. Any stories about this team would be much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Number 3 Ace McFerrin was my daddy.
Sonya McFerrin Richardson

I knew some of the others too as a child.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Sonya, thanks for your comment. Do you have any stories about your daddy and his friends?