Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30, 1955

Betty Jean Pennington wed James Luke Robinson on December 30, 1955 at the home of Bro. and Mrs. Grady McWhirter in Amory, Mississippi. Best man was Kelly Wade Prestage while maid of honor was her sister, Jo Ann Pennington. Within two weeks, the newly married couple left for France where he was stationed in the Army.


Anonymous said...

Ah, those memories of being a bride of a brave young service man defending his country! Packing that small amount of luggage we could take with us as we bravely followed our new husbands to where ever they were stationed. Ours has endured 57+ years, but I remember that trip from Marion County "all the way" to San Antonio, TX!

Thank you for remembering your parents on their special day. Your mom was/is a beautiful brde. bettye

shy1_klee said...

I believe the Kelly Wade mentioned is the same Kelly Wade that lived next to my aunt & uncle in Fulton during my childhood in the 1980's. He was a wonderful person. Please let me know if I have my info right

Mona Robinson Mills said...

shy1, there was only one Kelly Wade, and he lived on what is now "old" highway 78. Who were your aunt and uncle?