Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sallis Mill c 1910 at James Creek

Sallis Mill
circa 1910
James Creek, Itawamba County

A descendant of Jonathan Thomas Sallis and Sarah Jane Green provided this photograph of the Sallis Mill at James Creek in extreme eastern Itawamba County. My connection to this family is through Sarah Jane Green's mother, Elizabeth Caroline Robinson, who was a sister to George Emerson Robinson, my great-great grandfather.

The Sallis surname is also found spelled Silas.

Jonathan and Sarah Jane moved from Itawamba County to Oklahoma sometime around 1900. Jonathan died in Tulsa County, Oklahoma in 1941 but it is not known where or when Sarah Jane died. Jonathan was born in 1856 near Smithville, the son of Elias Dejarnette Sallis and Mary Ann Kennedy. Both the Dejarnette and Kennedy surnames are found in old Abbeville District, South Carolina but I don't know if that is where this particular family originated. Sarah Jane was born in 1865 in Itawamba County. Her parents were Elizabeth Caroline Robinson and Jacob D. Green.

The persons in the photographs have been identified although not by me - this is how I received the photo. In case you can't read the labels, they identify the following people, pictured from left to right: Bud Falls, Howard Sallis, Sam Sallis, Laz Sallis, Curtis Lockridge, E. D. Sallis, Nurby Sallis, Jake Sallis, E. McNiece, and Bradley Sanders. Forgive me if I have butchered the names. I believe Sam Sallis and Howard Sallis were sons of Jonathan and Sarah Jane. E. D. Sallis must be Elias Dejarnette Sallis. Not sure about the others.

I'd like to hear from anyone who knows about this mill or this family, and particularly more information about Sarah Jane Green.

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