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Samuel Lewis Cofield, 1854-1920

Sam Cofield

Samuel Lewis Cofield was born February 18, 1854 in Randolph County, Alabama to Lewis Elbeny Cofield and Mary Ann Collins, both Georgia natives. He was the fourth of fifteen children.

Sometime around 1871 or 1872, Sam married Zilpha Emeline Cockrell, daughter of Tobias and Abigail Cockrell. Their oldest child, Mary Emeline, was born November 18, 1872 in Randolph County and shortly thereafter the young family moved across the state to Marion County. A son, John Richard Cofield, my great-grandfather, was born in 1875 and in 1880 their third and final child, Lou Vannah Cofield, was born.

Zilpha died in 1900, and Sam remarried to Nancy Jane Goggans, daughter of Albert and Cynthia Goggans and first cousin to Sam's son-in-law, Dr. Kimbro Goggans.

Sam was a good man. When his son died, and later his son's wife, Sam took in and raised their two young sons who were 8 and 12 years old at the time. Sam was 58 years old when the two boys were placed in his care. A later obituary for one of the young men indicated that Sam, as their surrogate father, was "always willing to sacrifice his delight" to provide for his grandsons.

Sam died June 14, 1920. His widow, Nancy, retained a life estate in their home until her death in 1970 at which time the house and 250 acres were sold to Henry H. Lindsey.

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