Friday, December 12, 2008

Three Generations

The toddler pictured is my father, James Luke Robinson, with his Uncle Louis and Grandmother Robinson. The photograph was probably taken about 1935 or 1936 near the Robinson home in Fulton.

Uncle Louis = Louis Gideon Robinson
Grandmother Robinson = Arthusa Parneshia Evans Robinson, or Thusie

Uncle Louis was the fifth child of Thusie and Gid Robinson, born September 18, 1908 near Tremont in Itawamba County. He died February 24, 1976. My father was close to his Uncle Louis. I suspect that Louis was frequently around the house while Grandmother Robinson kept James as a little boy while his parents were at work, and this fostered a close relationship between uncle and nephew. I've got several photographs of the two together. And I don't know for sure, but the car or pickup in the photograph probably belonged to Uncle Louis.

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Anonymous said...

Mona, your grandmother looks just like my paternal Great Aunt Agnes Bishop Robinson, any wonder about that?!? LOL (by the time I have memories of "Aunt Aggie - the name my sister gave her when she wasn't able to say Agnes; she called our grandmother "Giggy" and while Im recalling Linda's enunciation of family members, our cousin Carolyn Stone Castleberry was "Conkin" - widow of Lucian Gaines Robinson.

FYI, the vehicle that provides a background for this picture is a 4 dr. car (I enlarged it enough to determine that it possibly is a Buick or Packard, because of the adornment covering the spare tire. bettye