Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baptism at Mud Creek, or is it Bennett's Pond?

Pictured at left is a photo taken in the 1930s of a baptism either at Mud Creek or Bennett's Pond in northern Itawamba County. The photo was in the possession of Glader Mills, Mike's grandmother, and was graciously provided to us by Aunt Vera Mae Mills Holcomb, Glader's daughter. Vera Mae indicated that the scene was of her father Henry's baptism. Since providing us with the photo, I've learned that there are several copies out there. Upon showing it to our daughter-in-law, Jada Jamerson Mills, she immediately recognized it as being a framed photo on her grandmother's bedroom wall. This photograph is also displayed in the Sandy Springs Baptist Church fellowship hall.

For some reason, I'm thinking that the baptism took place at Mud Creek, but this conflicts with Glader's Bible, left. Her Bible indicates that her husband William Henry Mills was saved in 1939 at Sandy Springs and was baptized at Bennet's Pond. But note that Glader indicates that she was baptized at Mud Creek in 1934.

So which is it? Glader at Mud Creek in 1934? Or Henry was Bennett's Pond in 1939?

Where was Bennett's Pond?

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Jada M. said...

I will have to ask my grandmother when Chip and I go to Fulton later this week if it was Mud Creek or Bennett's Pond and I will get back with you!