Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lewis Millard Mills

Millard Mills with
an unknown baby, probably
a younger sibling.

Uncle Millard was a sweet, gentle person like most Mills men. He was the oldest child of Jesse Thomas Mills and Onady Randolph, born January 24, 1905. Since Millard looks to be about 8-10 years old in this picture then it is possible that the baby could be Clinton, Burl or Herschel, his youngest siblings (just guessing).

Millard married Syble Johnson, daughter of Fisher D. Johnson and Nora Thornton, on November 6, 1927. When he died on February 8, 1991 he was buried in the cemetery at Jones Chapel outside of Nettleton, Mississippi where he had lived and worshiped for many years.

There is something about Millard in this photo that reminds me of my husband's boyhood photos, not too surprising since everyone says that Millard and his brother Henry looked a lot alike.

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