Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Great Flood of 1974

The first photo, right, shows the flooded Tombigbee River during the Great Flood of 1974. January 1974 is the date stamped on the photo, taken from Highway 25 at Bean's Ferry. The Bean's Ferry road was our usual route to Peaceful Valley from Fulton although flooding often prevented its use. When that was the case, then we traveled a bit further up Highway 25 and took the road across Ironwood Bluff. And when that road was impassable due to flooding, we had to cross the river at Highway 78, turn at Peppertown, and "go the back way" by the firetower because the waters at Frog Level were likely out too. Seems like, during this particular flood, the Tombigbee River was even across Highway 78 up to Davis Ford.

The next photo was taken at Son Webb's Grocery at Cardsville, looking toward Ironwood Bluff. You can see my father's reflection as he is taking the photo. The road leading to Ironwood Bluff was completely submerged as was the road that turns to the right and leads to Peaceful Valley.

The bottom photo is of me and my brother, Kirk, as we paddle around the front yard of my grandparents, Fessie and Beck Pennington of the Peaceful Valley community . This flooding was caused by the waters of English Branch which flows into the Tombigbee River just above Barr's Ferry. We call English Branch simply "the creek" and it still occasionally floods.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the flood photos and remember that flood extremely well. You are doing an extremely wonderful job with the blog!

Bob Franks

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thank you, Bob! Those photos brought back many memories. I had forgotten that we often had to take alternate routes to get to Peaceful Valley from Fulton. Seems like the quickest route, via Beans Ferry, was often under water.