Sunday, November 9, 2008

Loyd Originals

Pictured here are grave markers that are believed to be Loyd originals. William Payne Loyd and his son William D. Loyd were potters, and they patented this unique grave marker on June 10, 1879. Most of the markers that are found in northeast Mississippi and northwest Alabama were actually manufactured by potters other than the Loyds. Those manufactured by the Loyds have the leaf symbol on the marker. For more on the Loyd markers, see Terry Thornton's blog. Bob Frank's blog has information on the patent that the Loyds obtained for their marker design.
William Payne Loyd was the brother of my great-great grandfather Isham James Loyd. The Loyds were a family of potters. Isham had a kiln on Bull Mountain creek in northwest Marion County, Alabama, right next to the Itawamba County line. Isham and William's brother, Lawson, moved to Winston County, Mississippi where he operated a pottery shop.

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Terry Thornton said...


What a delight to discover your Itawamba Connections blog this morning. I have a lot of most interesting reading to do to catch up. Thanks so much for publishing about Itawamba County and about hill country of Mississippi!

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi