Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Dangerous Work

This photo was taken June 18, 1918. Private Primire, of the 199th Squadron, was killed when, according to Jesse Moore, the cadet fell from the hanger. I'm not sure if the word cadet refers to the man or the aircraft.

What a piece of history that Jesse captured for us!


Dan said...

I have the same snapshot. My father, Leonard Turoff of Cleveland, Ohio belonged to the 199th Aero Squadron.
The man in the white shirt looks like my father. Do you have any more information?

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Dan, the photos of the 199th Squadron belong to the granddaughter of Jesse D. Moore. They are currently in my possession, however, and when I went back through the scrapbook of photos, there was nothing that referred to a Leonard Turoff. Mr. Moore had several photos of members of this squadron during the war, as well as some reunion photos, and he meticulously named those pictured in the photos. I was hoping that your father would be among those named or referenced, but he wasn't. Do you have other photos from the squadron, or do you have any information or stories about their service? Mr. Moore indicated that he was among the guards that guarded the plane flown by Eddie Rickenbacker. What an amazing time that was, with air warfare still in its infancy. These men were truly part of history.