Saturday, November 15, 2008

Morman Bonaparte Stone and Leona Kathryn "Kate" Robinson Stone

This photo was taken by their granddaughter, Bettye Stone Woodhull, on the occasion of Morman and Kate's 50th wedding anniversary on November 26, 1949. Bettye took the photo using her mother's old Kodak box camera. The anniversary cake was purchased from a Winfield bakery by Bettye's father, Leon.

Morman and Kate are pictured in front of their home in Bexar which was purchased from Ophelia Stone Moorman, widow of Dr. A. L. Moorman, sometime after Dr. Moorman died which was in 1922. The house was originally built in the 1850s and acquired by the Moormans much later. It was the Moorman family that added a front room to the house, a room that Bettye remembers quite well.

There were four windows in this room, with two of the windows having deep window sills, perfect for little girls to crawl up and play in. According to Bettye, she loved to play in these "window seats" which were duplicates of the ones found in Dr. Moorman's office. She remembers being told that the front room had been used as a "play room" for Dr. Moorman's daughters, Jessica (born 1884) and Corrine (born 1891), and this further intrigued Bettye. All of the windows and doors had heavy, carved rope moulding. The tall ceilings (12-14 feet) had a stenciled motif while the lower walls were covered in dark wood paneling.

Thanks to Bettye for sharing her memories and the photo. These are such important things to preserve.

Morman Bonaparte Stone was born April 26, 1879 to John Henry Stone and Amanda Clementine Wiginton. He died February 19, 1953. Leona Kathryn "Kate" Robinson was born May 11, 1880 to Henry Johnson Robinson and Susan Florence "Sukey" Evans. She died January 19, 1967. Both are buried at Bexar Methodist Church Cemetery.

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