Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Robinson Men

Lawrence Evans Robinson, front, with Mautimer Robinson. Although Mautimer was four years older than Lawrence, he was Lawrence's uncle. This picture was likely taken before the two young men were drafted for World War I. Lawrence didn't return from the war, instead he died in France in 1918.

Lawrence Evans Robinson was born October 13, 1896 and died November 16, 1918. Mautimer Dewitt Robinson, Sr. was born October 1, 1892 and died March 31, 1975. Both men were raised at Tremont which is where this photo was most likely taken. Mautimer was married to Annie Maye Stone, daughter of William Gayland Stone and Mary Pearl Evans. Annie Maye was my first cousin, twice removed, through the Evans family, while Mautimer was my great-great uncle through the Robinson family. A double connection to this family!

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