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Dr. John Haynes Young - brother to Rachel Young Loyd

John Haynes Young was born in Monroe County, Mississippi in 1849 to William A. Young and Elizabeth C. "Bettie" Evans. The Young family lived near present-day Splunge, just across the state line from the Pine Springs area of what was then Marion County, Alabama but is now Lamar County. They settled there in the 1830s, arriving from Kentucky but there is some thought that the Youngs were in Abbeville District, South Carolina before Kentucky.
According to Dr. John H. Young's biographical sketch that appeared in the 1892 publication "A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas," he studied medicine under Dr. A. L. Moorman of Bexar, Alabama and subsequently attended the University of Louisville and the Kentucky School of Medicine. Upon completion of his coursework in 1878, he returned to Alabama where he practiced medicine in Lamar County until 1886 when he
moved to near the Itasca community in Hill County, Texas. He died there in 1929.

1880 Census Lamar County, Alabama
John H. Young 30 MS KY AL physican
Harriet L. Young 18 AL AL AL wife
Rufus B. Cody 21 boarder, attends school
Thomas Betts 14 servant, works on farm

1900 Census Hill County, Texas
John H. Young 50 MS KY AL born Oct 1849, widowed, physician
Hattie 19 AL born Sept 1880
Maud P. 17 AL born Nov 1882
Momie E. 15 AL born July 1884
Bessie C. 14 AL born Feb 1886
Lizzie A. 12 TX born Mar 1888
Henry G. 10 TX born Jan 1890
Wanona B. 9 TX born Feb 1891
Chester G. 7 TX born Nov 1892
John D. 5 TX born Nov 1894
Etta Nichols 26 single, boarder AL AL AL born Feb 1874 (This must be the same Etta who was the wife in the next census, below.)

1910 Census Hill County, Texas
John H Young 60 MS AL AL 2nd marriage, physician, gen. practice
Etta M 36 AL KY AL wife, 1st marriage
Maud R 27 AL
Morrie E 5 AL
Elizabeth A 22 TX music teacher
Henry G 20 TX
Maud B 18 TX
Clayton G 17 TX (must be Chester)
John P 15 TX
Johnie Gilliams 27 boarder, dry goods sales lady
Allie Walden 19 servant, private family
Mable Walden 17 servant, private family
Pellie R Walden 1

1920 Census Hill County, Texas
John H Young 70 MS KY AL postmaster
Mary Young 45 AL AL AL
Maud Young 36 AL public school teacher
Momie Young 34 AL public school teacher
Blanche Young 28 TX public school teacher

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