Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let me count the connections!

Children of Morman Bonaparte and Leona Kate (Robinson) Stone, from back right: Leon, Leo, Lecil, with Florence pictured center front. Leo died from whooping cough not long after this picture was taken. Morman and Kate lived at Bexar, Alabama.

My connection to this family? Let me count the ways! Kate's father, Henry Johnson Robinson, was brother to George Emerson Robinson, my gg-grandfather. Kate's mother, Susan Florence "Sukey" Evans, was sister to John Thomas Evans, my gg-grandfather. Kate's brother, Lucian Gaines Robinson, was married to Theodoria Agnes Jane Bishop, daughter of my gg-grandfather William T. Bishop. Morman's Uncle Carroll Stone was married to Moran Parthenia Stone, sister to George Emerson Robinson, my gg-grandfather. Morman's Aunt Missouria Elizabeth Stone was married to Luther Loyd, brother to Mary Malinda "Dollia" Loyd, my great-grandmother.

Many thanks to Bettye Woodhull, granddaughter of Morman and Kate Stone, for sharing this photo.

Boy, are we connected! As Bettye said, if we keep digging up ancestors, we might discover that we are half-sisters!

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