Saturday, January 23, 2010

August 12, 1926

Itawamba County News

William McFerrin Has Leg Broken at Mantachie

On Monday William McFerrin was the victim of a painful accident which resulted in the fracture of his ankle. He and his brother, Thomas McFerrin, had been to town and had reached Mantachie when the truck they were on stopped and William got out. He came around behind the truck and stepped in front of a car going in the opposite direction. He was struck with considerable force and on examination by his physician, Dr. Boren, of Ratliff, it was found that his ankle was fractured. The doctor sent him to the Tupelo Hospital where an X-ray picture disclosed that the ankle had been badly crushed. Mr. McFerrin will not be able to leave the hospital for some time. -- Tupelo Journal

Picture of Tupelo Hospital in 1926


Arvel said...

I remember Mr. Willie well. He served a term as supervisor in Itawamba County and later worked for the State Highway Department. He was my foreman when we were doing the dirtwork for the paving of Highway 23 from Tremont to Smithville. He was a dear person.

Anonymous said...

So, Arvel, when did Highway 23 get paved? I assume it really wasn't a road when my maternal GGGgrandfather, John A. Dyer (1790 - 1846), brought his family from TN into what he thought was Marion County, AL ca 1830! - just kidding. . . . his homestead was on top of the hill near James Creek crossing of Hwy 23 & north of Bentonite Road that is posted as a game preserve or something. The Dyer Cemetery is located in the woods near where the old log cabin had stood. I'd say that my Dyer ancestry preceded my Robinson, Stone and Wigginton lines by a few years into Mississippi Territory, wouldn't you? bettye

Arvel said...

Bettye, I believe it was paved around '78 or '79.

That is 1978 or 79.