Saturday, January 9, 2010

Margaret Johnson Hood

Virble Booth shared this picture of the Hood and Tucker families with Don Dulaney, and it was provided to her courtesy of Sandra Noordhof.

The top image of Margaret Johnson Hood was extracted by me from the second photograph. Margaret is seated on the front row, second from the left. She moved to Itawamba County around 1854 with her husband, Joshua H. Hood, as well as her parents, Simeon and Martha Johnson, from St. Clair County, Alabama. Margaret and Joshua were married in St. Clair County on December 20, 1849, and their first three children were born there.

Margaret and Joshua's daughter, Martha Jane, married Henry Leverett Tucker, and it is their family that is pictured above. All eleven of Martha Jane and Henry's children are included in the photograph, which was taken in 1907 in Itawamba County.

Back row, left to right: Ella Tucker, Monroe Tucker, Lonzo Tucker, Ada Pearl Tucker, Birdie Tucker, Curtis Tucker, Esker Wilce Tucker, James Henry Tucker and Conard Tucker. They are standing in birth order.

Front row, left to right: Unknown Male, Margaret Johnson Hood, Martha Hood Tucker, youngest child Mattie Jane Tucker, Henry Leaverett Tucker, Noonan Tucker with wife Ellie West Tucker and daughter Una.

The unknown male on the front row was identified as being a Hood, but I cannot imagine who it could be. All of Margaret's sons were married and with their own families at that time. Her husband Joshua died in 1885. Margaret Johnson Hood died April 13, 1910 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Cemetery.

There are at least three set of Itawamba Johnson families in my husband's ancestry: Simeon Johnson, who was Margaret's father, along with Henry Johnson who lived at Mud Creek, and Steven Johnson who settled the Pine Grove community.

Here is the Tucker family in the 1910 census:

1910 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Clay precinct
Henry Tucker 44 MS AL "don't know" , farmer, married 23 years
Martha 48 MS AL AL, 11 children, 11 living
Monroe 20 MS
Ella 21 MS
Ada 17 MS
Birdie 15 MS
Curtis 14 MS
Escar 13 MS
Henry 11 MS
Conrad 9 MS
Mattie 7 MS
(Noonan and Lonzo were already in their own households)


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the picture of my grandma (jettie dulaney) father that i never seen. thankyou. rick beasley

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Ricky, I'm glad you enjoyed the photo. It is a pure pleasure to share the photos and information that have been shared with me.

Richard said...

My grandfather Curtis Tucker (pictured) told me of the occasion of the taking of this photograph. The man at left is his uncle Dennis Hood, with whom Margaret was living at the time. Dennis brought her so that she could be included in the photograph. I think that photo was probably taken in 1909 since Noonan and Ellie Lee married in January 1908.

Richard Foster

Mona Robinson Mills said...

I've been told by a descendant of the Henry & Martha Jane Hood Tucker family that the unidentified man on the front row, left, was "Buck" Hood. Buck was the nickname for William H. Hood, father of Martha Jane Hood Tucker. Thanks to Dorothy for sharing this information. I really hate having unidentified folks in an old photograph.