Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow in Greenville

We had just a bit more snow than this here in Oxford this past week. Usually our snow, if it sticks at all, leaves as fast as it comes. This time, however, we've had it around a lot longer than usual, and it seems strange to still see snow on the ground a couple of days later. Like most of the South, it hasn't gotten above freezing for several days now. Mike has been worried about his cows, feeding them and breaking up their drinking water at the pond. Yes, he is in the cow business now, didn't mean to be, but that's a story for another day.

The photograph was taken in front of our house at 1188 Cottage Drive in Greenville, Mississippi, probably about 1965. That's me in the middle, holding our beagle (named Snoopy?), and my brother Kirk is by my side. On the other side is Lazette, my friend from down the street.

It sure is cold outside!!


Anonymous said...

Mona, that's Puzzle instead of
Snubby(not Snoopy).Remember, Puzzle just appeared at our door, stayed several months, then just disappeared. We always hoped that his family came by, found him and got him.

Janice Tracy said...

Mona, I have awarded your blog the "Happy 101" award. Please visit Mississippi Memories to pick up your award. As always, your posts continue to draw me back here to read the story behind the photo!

Anonymous said...

Miss Mona,
Would that be Miss Lazette Stevens in the picture with you and Kirk? Sarah Bean Thompson

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Sarah, that is Lazette Langley in the picture. She lived a few doors down the street and was one of my "Barbie" buddies. We played a lot of Barbies together!