Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monroe Dulaney - mail carrier

I love the angle of this photograph, taken from in front of the horses and buggy. The subject of the photo is Monroe Dulaney, who was a mail carrier for the Clay post office route in the early 1900s. Here he is pictured with his mail buggy.

Monroe was the son of Alfred "Babe" Dulaney and Lucinda Alabama Chilcoat, and he was married to Bertie Beasley. His daughter, Halovee Dulaney Robinson, and granddaughter, Patti Robinson Ashley, shared this photo with us.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea when this picture was made? I don't recall what year my granddaddy Morman B. Stone began the rural mail route, but I think he used a buggy rather than an automobile in the early years. His route was out of the old Bexar, AL post office that took him up on Bull Mountain Creek area north of Shottsville. I do recall that he had to retire in 1946 due to illness. I don't know if they had to deliver the mail so many years before they could retire, but he would have been 67 (born 1879)then. It just seems that they had to take the mail 40 years to get full retirement - can anyone tell us more as I have always been interested/curious.

I recall being inside the old wooden post office that had been along the old U.S. 78 or Bankhead highway in the '30's and I don't recall if there were 2 or 3 rural routes at that time, Mr. Pearce Goggans was the post master. I do know that the last mail from the last post office (a little block bldg. along the same old highway!)was about 1974. Today's mail carries a Hamilton, AL address. bettye