Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wylie & Anna Dulaney

Here's another young couple of Itawamba County: Wylie Franklin Dulaney and Anna Elizabeth Moore. Wylie was the son of John T. Dulaney and Fannie Chilcoat, while Anna was the daughter of William Samuel Moore and Rhoda Emeline Jones. Wylie and Anna lived in the Mt. Pleasant community north of Fulton, and are buried in the cemetery at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Their children are John T. Dulaney II, Sammie Lane Dulaney Byram, and Frank Neil Dulaney. Frank shared this photograph of his parents with Don Dulaney recently, and Cousin Rita was kind enough to remove the cracks and lines of the original photograph. Thanks to all!

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Who were the parents of William Samuel Moore?
Teri Moore Fitzpatrick