Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old Bridge

Terry Wilemon had the above photograph in his collection of old pictures that he recently shared with Don Dulaney. I was immediately attracted to the photo - we've tried to identify the young ladies but have had no luck so far.

As far as I know, there were only two iron bridges in Itawamba County: the one that still exists across Ironwood Bluff and the earlier one built across the Tombigbee River at Fulton which was torn down and replaced with a concrete bridge until the waterway came through. Can someone correct me if I am wrong about this? I've compared the bridge in the photo above against photos I have of the iron bridge at Ironwood Bluff, and the bridges do not appear to be a match. Could this picture be of the old iron bridge that crossed the river just west of Fulton?


Anonymous said...

Walkers Levee Road still has an old iron bridge. Chip

Terry Thornton said...

Mona, The current Ironwood Bluff Bridge has a different set of supporting rods across the "roof" than that shown in your photo. I believe, however, remembering hearing that in the early 1920s the bridge was rebuilt. Could your photo date to the earlier bridge?

Walkers Levee Iron Bridge also appears to differ from your photo --- it, too, was rebuilt in the 1920s. I'll dig out my photos of both bridges and take a better look/comparison.

Thanks for posting such an interesting photo (but then I think old bridges are special).

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Terry, thanks for your comments. It sure would be nice to identify the bridge (and the ladies!). Old bridges are special, I agree.