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Rebecca Senter's 77th Birthday Dinner

Fulton News Beacon
October 19, 1933
Aunt Rebecca Senter Enjoys her 77th Birthday Dinner

A host of relatives and friends of Aunt Rebecca (Woodard) Senter met at her daughter's home, Mrs. J. E. Dulaney, to celebrate her 77th birthday, which was Friday, October 13th. She is the wife of Uncle Tom Senter, who has been dead several years.

Aunt Rebecca's life has been an inspiration to all who really know her. It is a true Christian of which I speak. I pray God to give us more people like Aunt Rebecca. We hope for her to enjoy many more days like last Sunday.

The children that are living were all present. They and their wives or husbands are:

Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Senter, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Senter, Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Chilcoat, Mr. and Mrs. Abb Dulaney and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Dulaney, Sr.

The grandchildren present: Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Wileman, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Senter, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Umphres, Junior Bryan, Arnold, Hoyt, Elmo, Etoil, Lyle, Ozell, Estelle, Nevil and Azilee Senter, Buford, Kelly, Louise and Jeannette Chilcoat, Lois Burma, Lavee and Reece Dulaney.

Five great grandchildren were present, a nice and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dulaney.

Uncle Ben Chilcoat, who is near eighty, helped to make the day better with his presence.

Some sixty ate of the good dinner that was set on a long table in the back yard. It was a treat to all that was present.

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