Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pearl Johnson Dulaney

The photo above was clipped out of the Itawamba County Times by Mike's grandmother, Glader Mae Mills, because it pictured Mike's other grandmother, Pearl Dulaney. Glader's daughter, Vera Mae, graciously allowed me to go through some of her mother's papers and possessions, and this newspaper clipping was among them.

Pearl Dulaney was an active member of the New Salem Homemakers Club in Itawamba County, and her sewing and canned fruits and vegetables were always winning prizes in the county competitions. I'm not sure why she joined the New Salem club since she didn't live near New Salem. Pearl and Lawrence lived on Dulaney Road behind East Fulton Baptist Church (which was closer to Salem than to New Salem).

When Mike was in the legislature during the 1980s, he made a courageous vote to cut the budget of the cooperative extension service for which he was rewarded with a phone call from his grandmother Pearl. She informed him that she wouldn't be able to show her prized canned peaches at the next fair if he voted to cut the budget of the extension service, which sponsored the local homemaker clubs around the state. Needless to say, Pearl Dulaney was one constituent that got Mike's attention that day, and his vote was quickly changed!


Anonymous said...

Mona, this is most likely the obvious reasons that Pearl Dulaney joined one homemakers club over another; Pearl either had or knew someone in the club she joined or it may have been more active in helping the housewives. No, I never belonged to a homemakers club, but I knew many women and of their many accomplishments and "blue ribbons". Around here, these women groups are called "Garden Clubs". bettye

Arvel said...

Do you think this anecdote makes Representative Mills appear a bit, shall we say, pusillanimous?

Anonymous said...

Arvel, I don't know the former Rep. Mills well enough to determine if he were "cowardly", or if he may have had his whole district in mind with what he chose to do until his grandmother "educated" him on the problems that would happen if he followed through with the cutting of the budget. However, with bringing your suggestion into the reason for where his grandmother chose to belong to a homemakers orgainization, I will offer another reason for choosing one over another from experience. This group was planning a luncheon out and someone reported on an agreed price for the meal. One person who apparently believed she would be dining with less knowledgable women,abruptly inquired if the price included the gratuity by immediately explaining what gratuity meant. I made up my mind to never return to this garden club if the diversity of members would lead one to believe she must explain her "larger" words as a put down of her peers. bettye

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Pearl looks really cute and I wish I had one of those dresses.

Ken Dulaney said...

Mona you are doing a great job as usual. Thank you for sharing this photo and story.

Grandma Pearl does look cute & I miss her.