Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memphis Zoo 1970

My brother, Kirk, was not the only one to have his picture taken at the Memphis Zoo. His future wife visited the zoo forty years ago this summer, and has the below picture to prove it. Sherry Ivy Robinson, seated left, is pictured with her older sister Pam in the 1970 photo. Their mother, Wilda, recently shared several old photographs of her Senter and Graham ancestors, and this picture was included in her photo albums. I couldn't resist the side-by-side posting of Kirk and Sherry's zoo pictures.

If you have been reading this post for the past year, you may remember the post from last January that included Kirk's picture at the zoo.


Kirk Robinson said...

Thanks, Mona. Guess Sherry was starting to hunt me down, huh?

LPM said...

I knew I had seen that bottom picture before. Who could forget three such handsome men?

Anonymous said...

Kirk, Sherry, I love that! So cute. Alysson