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Charles Overton "Dick" Pennington

Dick Pennington, left, with friend William Murphy

Dick Pennington was the son of Robert Manuel Pennington and his first wife, India Pearl Sloan, who died in 1923, just a couple of months after Dick was born. Left with an infant son following his wife's death, Robert turned to his brother and sister-in-law who had taken him in following the death of his own parents. Hugh and Dee Pennington took in baby Dick and raised him like their own until Robert was able to take care of his son. As a consequence, Hugh and Dee were very much attached to their joint-nephew (Dee's sister was India, Dick's mother).

When World War II came along, Hugh and Dee already had a son, Frelon, enlisted in the service. Then Dick enlisted. Before the war was over, sons Fessie and Gaylord were also fighting in the war.

Below are some news items I found in the 1943 Fulton News Beacon, our county's newspaper at the time.

Fulton News Beacon
June 24, 1943
With Our Boys in Services
Pfc. Charles O. Pennington of Keesler Field spent a few hours with friends here Saturday night returning back to the field that night. This was his first visit back since entering the service.

* * *
Fulton News Beacon
December 16, 1943
Nettleton R[oute] One

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Pennington gave a dinner Sunday for their nephew, Sgt. Overton Pennington, before his return to Utah. Those at the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry [Jury] Pennington and family, Miss Jimmie Lou Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Pennington and daughter, Mrs. Fessie Pennington and daughters, also Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Reich and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pennington.

Sgt. Overton Pennington of the Air Corps of Texas, is spending his furlough with his father, Mr. Robert Pennington.

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Ma Jeean said...

Thanks for remembering Dick. He was a very special person in my growing up years, all the family loved him