Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Louie Yawn's 4th Birthday Party

My father, James Luke Robinson

Fulton News Beacon

September 1, 1938

Little Louie Yawn Celebrates Fourth Birthday Monday

Little Louie Yawn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Yawn, celebrated his fourth birthday Monday afternoon at the Yawn home here. Little friends attending the birthday party for Louie were Jimmie Stringfellow, Tommy Senter, David Mattox, Kelly Wade Prestage, Sammy Perry, James Robinson, Phyllis Gorden, Gene Betts, Marilyn Shaw, Bettye Joe Gilliland, Billie Bonds McElroy, Wm. Ralph Whiteheld, Mary and Martha Nell Corchran and Laura Lee Gillett.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I came back and read this article again! I thought you were telling us that your dad's name or maybe "nick name" was "Little Louie Yawn". Do they still pose little boys in that same position to photograph them? We have such a pose of Ron's brother when he was about 4 years old in about 1933 (we only got the picture five years ago when we finally located cousins of his birth family. It seems all little boys wore those short knee pants of a knitted fabric - maybe the name of Buster Brown outfits? and we also have a photo of Ron about 3 or 4 posing with one leg under the other. . .bettye