Monday, January 4, 2010

Young Jury Pennington

You never know where you will find a picture of an ancestor or close relative. A history of the Jackson family, compiled by Edith Jackson Hankins, Robert Rice and Florence Jackson Hankins, included this photograph of the Ves Thompson family, and pictured with the Thompson family is a young Ellis Jury Pennington, my grandfather Fessie's uncle. Jury is pictured on the back row, right. Wasn't he a handsome fellow?

Uncle Jury was my great-great uncle, and I remember him as a kind, sweet person. He died in 1979 at the age of 81.

Jury was still a toddler when both of his parents died in the early 1900s, and he was raised primarily by his brother Hugh and Hugh's wife, Dee, my great-grandparents. Sometime in his early teens, Jury ran away from home along with two of his other brothers who were also living with Hugh and Dee. The young brothers had been shamed by another relative into thinking they were a burden on Hugh and Dee, and thus in the middle of the night, they left for Texas, making Hugh and Dee sick with worry until word got back to Itawamba County that the brothers were okay. It was during this time in Texas that Uncle Jury posed for the picture with the Ves Thompson family. Jury came back to Mississippi not long after the picture was made, married Mary Elizabeth "Bess" Patterson, and lived in the Peaceful Valley community the rest of his life.

Ves Thompson was actually Marvel Marion Sylvester "Ves" Thompson who was Jury's first cousin. Ves was married to Susan C. Malloy, another relative of Jury's. Susan was half-sister to Jury's deceased mother, Laura Stewart Pennington.

In the above photograph are: (front) Ves Thompson, son Louie, Susie Malloy Thompson (back) Marion Thompson, Howard Thompson, Eva Thompson, and Jury Pennington.

Ves and Susie, both Lamar County, Alabama natives, died in Tarrant County, Texas.


Anonymous said...

Miss Mona,
I have such fond memories of both Mr. Jury and Miss Bess and the front porch at their home. Two finer individuals and they were that, especially Miss Bess, Peacefull Valley has not been blessed with. You did not have to worry where you stood with either. They said what they believed and lived their beliefs. I enjoyed the short history lesson on Mr. Jury. Continue the entertaining commentary. Sincerely, Sarah Bean Thompson

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thank you, Sarah, for your kind comments. It's hard to find nicer folks than those in Peaceful Valley, whether they are Penningtons, Wardlaws or Beans!

Anonymous said...

Mona, I am a granddaughter of Jury & Bess Pennington. My mother is Hazel Pennington Vaughan. I was thrilled to find out about your blog. I have so many unanswered questions about my family. Gary McFerrin gave me your blog name and I look forward to reading more. Big Daddy and Big Mama were the best grandparents any kid could have and it makes me happy to hear what a high opinion others have of them both. Eunice Vaughan Ledbetter.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Eunice, I am so glad you found your way to the Itawamba Connections blog. E-mail me anytime with any questions you might have, and I'd love to hear any stories about Jury and Bess that you might have to contribute!